Brightening Serum

Step 4: Glowy Serum


It contains vitamin C , niacinamide , centella asiatica and coptis japonica root extract that improves hydration, gives luminosity to the face , and reduces itching and inflammation of the skin.


Helps improve the appearance and color of the skin by moisturizing and giving a glowy touch without a sticky effect. Contains the antioxidant Vitamin C, perfect for brightening and combating spots caused by the sun and acne. As well as Niacinamide (vitamin B3) to strengthen your skin barrier.

How to use

After applying our Balancing Toner , apply 2-3 drops to your skin and spread it evenly on your face with the help of light circular movements. Apply additionally to areas where you need extra care such as spots and expression lines.

You can use it in your daily routine day and night.

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