Eye Brushes Set

  1. Blender
  • Create the perfect and delicate eye.
  • The special tapered design provides more control for more specific blending needs.
  • Use with any powder eyeshadow product to blend colors.
  1. Shade
  • Create the perfect eye makeup.
  • The medium sized brush is ideal for all types of eye makeup.
  • Use with any eyeshadow product.
  1. Angular eyebrow
  • Creates the clear appearance of eyes and eyebrows.
  • The flat shape design with an angled tip is ideal for creating a perfect eyeliner.
  • Use with brow powder or any eyeliner product.
  1. Concealer
  • Creates uniform and perfect coverage.
  • Apply and blend the concealer gently and evenly on the eyes, face and imperfections.

It can also be used with different lipsticks and draw delicate lines.

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