Glow Parade Shadow Palette

The Glow Parade x Priscy Escoto Eyeshadow Palette with 12 shadows will give your eyes a glamorous, highly pigmented look with combinable shadows for both day and night use.

Know its 12 tones:

  • Aesthetic: Satin pale pink, silver sparkles
  • Miami: Rose Gold Satin
  • I am Abundance: Satin peach pink, lilac and green sparkles
  • I deserve it: Satin mauve pink, silver sparkles
  • Humphrey: Matte mauve pink
  • Petra: Matte warm brown
  • #7: Matte Coral Pink
  • Decree: Golden glitter, iridescent sparkles
  • Dita: Warm satin salmon, golden sparkles
  • Queen A: Satin Brown
  • Luxury: Matte dark brown
  • King M: Brown glitter, gold sparkles.
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